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The Consortium Smartphone App gives you total control to Conference on the go...Anytime, Anywhere. Working in concert with our Consortium Conference server, you can see your scheduled conferences and select the one you want to attend. Flexible Scheduling options allow you to set conferences on the go, or set up your weekly management meeting to automatically call and connect you and your staff. Our new iPhone and Android smartphone Apps put that power into your hands whenever you need it and wherever you go. With a touch of a button, the system will call you back and add you to the conference. No more 800 numbers or conference codes to keep track of.

The Consortium Conference Server provides superior audioconferencincapabilities for your organization, with unmatched flexibility and customization capabilities, including the NEW Smartphone Application...keep your people in touch...Anytime, Anywhere!**

Quick Conference - Create and Attend an "ad-hoc" Conference on the Go...Add additional Participants from your Contact list.
Attend a Conference - Attend a scheduled conference with just a touch...The system will call you back and add you to the conference.
Moderate a Conference - See who is on the Conference and who is speaking...You can lock the conference or dial out to add more participants.
Dynamic Dial Out - While on a conference, select one or multiple Participants from your Contact List...the system will automatically dial out and add them to the conference.
Activate a Pre-Set Blast Dial Conference - Automatically initiate a Pre-Set Blast Dial Conference...the system automatically dials out to all scheduled participants and adds them to the conference.

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Our technology platform includes industry leading hardware and software with state of the art digital signal processing, Pentium 4 processor, Dual hard drives and Redundant power supplies. Using the Windows Server 2008 Operating system and our leading edge object-oriented software design methods, the Consortium delivers unmatched performance and reliability.


** Smartphone Apps not yet certified for DOD deployment

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