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Alert III Airfield Crash System
for Military and Commercial Airfields

Highly Integrated Standalone System-Embedded Hardware Design
Instant Emergency Conferencing for First Responders
System Control Console
Meets FAA Requirements for Airfield Operations

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OVER 15 YEARS OF FIELD EXPERIENCE IN DESIGN AND DEPLOYMENT AT COMMERCIAL AND DOD AIRFIELDS WORLDWIDE. The Alert III Emergency Conference System instantly connects key first responders and enhances command and control capabilities through improved communications and response. The Alert III system is a form-fit replacement for outdated crash (red phone) systems. Designed for, and in collaboration with, the US Military and exceeding both Military (AFI13-204v3_usafesup-JULY2020) and Commercial Aviation FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210-7D requirements for Airfield operations, our technology platform includes a dedicated, application specific embedded hardware design, coupled with industry leading software, state of the art digital signal processing, independent robust ring generators, and a graphical user interface (GUI). The systems dedicated hardware design allows the system to be optimized for size, reliability and performance, and provides specific features and functionality required by the Crash Alarm application.

Initiate Sirens, Strobes and Bay Doors
Multiline call recording options
Support for Copper or Fiber Infrastructure
Forum Intelligent Line Module (ILM)

The Alert III Emergency Conference System is an emergency crash notification and conference system (PCAS or SCN) designed specifically for Military and Commercial Airfield applications. The system is completely independent from other systems or networks, is extremely reliable, easy to configure and maintain, and provides consistent performance.

Forum's Intelligent Line Module

ILM Front

ILM Back

Forum’s ILM - Forum Communications’ Intelligent Line Module serves as an intelligent and flexible line end point in an ALERT III system. Whether a PA Interface, Local Speaker Node, VOX Unit, Audio Entry Point, Visual/Audio Annunciator, or timed contact closure is needed, the ILM provides the flexibility to customize an ALERT system and tailor it to the customer’s specific requirements.

The traditional “Crash” system was originally designed to provide a link from the Tower to the fire stations, but as airports have grown both in size and sophistication, the airport community has focused on reducing emergency response times.  A typical Crash system consists of an initiator telephone in the tower, and provides conference audio to the communications systems at Airport Operations and both Fire Stations by broadcasting the conference audio over the public address and radio broadcast systems, initiating dedicated siren / strobes to indicate an incident, and opening the fire truck bay doors.  The ILM provides the key interfaces and functions that complete the Crash System.

The ILM provides the following functions:

  • 2-wire to 4-wire conversion
  • Balanced 600ohm Audio out to peripheral device such as PA/Radio Interfaces
  • DTMF detection
  • Contact Closure outputs (Relay1 isolated outputs)
  • Keyline Control/Relay2 outputs (isolated contact closure)
  • Built In High Brightness RGB Led used for strobe/System State
  • Speaker Outputs (8ohm/10W) for local PA function (Speaker/Horn Out)
  • VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) monitors incoming phone line audio and activates Relay2 when audio level exceeds threshold setting
  • Plays voice message and/or siren/klaxon/heart healthy wake up tones to Speaker prior to connecting to Crash call

Alert III Presentation
dot Alert III Data Sheet-Military Airfield
dot Alert III Brochure-Datasheet Commercial Airport
dot Air Force Instruction
dot FAA Advisory Circular
As of 1/1/2021 this is the latest FAA Advisory Circular- 150/5210-7D: Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Communications. Posted on the
FAA.GOV site.
Intelligent Line Module Quick Start Guide

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