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Alert II Emergency Conference System
for Military and Commercial Airfields

PCAS - Primary Crash Alarm System
SCN - Secondary Crash Net
Instant Emergency Conferencing for First Responders

With unmatched flexibility and reliability, the Alert II Emergency Conference System instantly connects key first responders and enhances command and control capabilities through improved communications and response. The Alert II system is a form-fit replacement for outdated crash (red phone) systems. Designed for, and in collaboration with, the US Military and exceeding both Military and Commercial Aviation requirements for Airfield operations, the system incorporates state of the art technology for instantaneous ringing, clear conference communications, and a Touch Screen graphical user interface (GUI). Alert II is the next generation product for the Alert Plus model.

Dedicated, Standalone System
Public Address Interface Module connects to your existing PA / Broadcast systems
Radio Interface Module connects Air Traffic / Land Mobile Radio systems
Contact Closure Interface Module activates Bay doors, lights, or security locks
Strobe/ Siren Modules initiate Visual and Audio alerts

Alerts Plus Product ShotThe Alert II Emergency Conference System is an emergency crash notification and conference system (PCAS or SCN) designed specifically for Military and Commercial Airfield applications. The system is completely independent from other systems or networks, is extremely reliable, easy to configure and maintain, and provides consistent performance.

One solution that establishes a clear, secure and immediate teleconference, initiates alarms, warning lights, broadcasts conference audio via public address systems and opens Fire / Security bay doors. Each Alert II system can provide the exact configuration needed to support your varied Command & Control situational requirements. The system meets limited space requirements, is easy to use, has touch screen control, visual indication of system status and operation, superior sound quality and proven reliability. The Alert II system is successfully deployed in many US Air Force, Air National Guard, Army Airfield, and Naval Air Stations, and Commercial Airports across the US and around the World.

Alert II Presentation
dot Alert II Brochure-Military Airfield
dot Alert II Brochure-Commercial Airport
dot Alert II Datasheets
dot Air Force Instruction
dot FAA Advisory Circular
Hurlburt AFB Alert Plus

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