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Cloud-based Dedicated Virtual Audio Bridge

Cloud application server offer businesses many benefits. It will reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT communications system. Not only do you no longer have to worry about purchasing the initial equipment but you also don’t have to worry about  hardware or software upgrades. In addition, your communication needs can scale up or down without you having to manage your infrastructure needs. This allows you to focus on your business needs rather than your communication network requirements.

Benefits of the Forum Communication Cloud Bridge

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Setup virtually in your data center or as an instance in the Forum Cloud data center.
  • Your own local access number and secure browser access
  • Full control of confrences, reports, and recordings
  • Dedicated secure web portal
  • Schedule your conferences through the browser or with Outlook or Lync plugin

Upcoming Cloud Offerings

Secure Private Link as a Service (SPLaaSTM)

SPLaaSTM provides instant, secure communications in emergency situations to those who need to be in the know! No infrastructure for the user to worry about, just a service that the user can tailor to ensure the correct people are notified of a timely or critical situation that needs to be addressed.

SPLaaS communications provides unique private and instant links without having to go through any carriers or attach to a carrier number. It is a highly secure and private communications link offered as a one to one quick link or one to many instant team reach link. SPLaaS provides high fidelity voice quality private link communications. The participant phones remain registered with the SPLaaS platform allowing for an instant connection with the pre-defined group members. This communications capability is within the complete control of the organization without any third party involvement like some social voice apps. It’s a Secure Private Network you Own and Control!

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