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Airport Crash Notification

Forum has been deploying our Alert, analog-based, Emergency Crash Notification Systems into commercial airports for almost twenty years. The existing copper wire infrastructure, however, is deteriorating and more airport infrastructure investments are being made in optical fiber and the focus is turning to digital technology. In addition, the FCC is releasing operators from having to support and maintain POTS over copper lines. For many airports leasing this service, they will need to turn to new technology for Emergency Crash Notification systems. Forum’s ConsortAlert is an IP-based emergency alerting system that can satisfy this requirement. The ConsortAlert is based on Forum’s Consortium Technology Platform and our Alert system’s intelligent peripherals.

While both the Alert III and ConsortAlert products are supported, the trend is moving towards the IP-based ConsortAlert product to be more future proof and to take advantage of the benefits of an IP-based system. The ConsortAlert provides better network monitoring, much improved voice quality and a powerful GUI, WebView. The diagram below shows a generic ConsortAlert deployment.

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ConsortAlert Configuration

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Manufacturing Facility Incident Alert

Accidents and injuries are inevitable in manufacturing facilities despite the plant’s safety policies, processes and safeguards. Safety incidents can be caused from a number of factors, such as, improper handling of material, lack of proper lockout/tagout procedures when working on equipment, worker fatigue, complacency leading to carelessness, inconsistent maintenance and improper training, to name a few. Whatever the cause of the safety incident, immediate response by the appropriate team will minimize the impact of the emergency situation. Forum’s ConsortAlert Emergency Notification System provides instant communication to the desired team members allowing you to manage the emergency response as quickly as possible. This system also has the capability to trigger the activation of sirens and strobes, turning off power, open or close doors, display text on a monitor and connect the initiator or an audio announcement to a PA system or speakers. The diagram below shows a sample configuration.

Seaport Incident Notification

Despite the fact that the International Port Industry dates back to the earliest days of civilization, port work is still regarded as an occupation with very high accident rates.

Data Center Incident Alert

In the case of a life safety or critical incident, the facility manager can do a blast dial out to the appropriate response team providing them immediate details of the incident.  This fast escalation will result in a quicker response with faster treatment or network recovery times ultimately reducing the overall cost of the emergency or outage.

Warehouse Facility Incident Alert

An emergency alert system for security, safety and hazardous incidents in a facility or place of work ensures immediate communication to the designated team members.  Deploying the emergency alert system via Forum’s SPLaaS not only ensures instant notification but provides secure communication whether it is voice, physical actions or text. Blast Notification can be included as an option.

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