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The ConsortLink is Forum Communications’ IP based Secure Link Communications System for instant, secure communications between select key individuals of an organization. It is based on our flagship Consortium III audio conferencing product coupled with enhanced audio features, military approved encryption and pre-defined and pre-registered participants.

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The ConsortLink product is based on the Consortium technology platform and includes the Webview enhanced browser interface for easy-to-use and simple administration. The ConsortLink is geared for medium to large businesses that have their own server room and will want to maintain the ConsortLink server. The ConsortLink can also be delivered as a Virtual Machine (VM) to be deployed on customer servers. If you’d prefer not to maintain any servers, please see our ConsortCloud SPLaaS® offering.

With this system, management has the ability to create secure, high quality voice communications to select participants and instantly brief them on critical situations that need to be addressed immediately. Situations arise where a one touch blast dial to a small team is required for consultation and a quick action plan to resolve a timely issue.

ConsortLink communications provides unique private and instant links without having to go through any carriers or attach to a carrier number. It is a highly secure and private communications link offered as a one-to-one quick link or one-to-many instant team reach link. ConsortLink provides high fidelity voice quality private link communications. The participant phones remain registered with the ConsortLink platform allowing for an instant connection with the pre-defined group members. This communications capability is within the complete control of the organization without any third party involvement like some social voice apps. It’s a Secure Private Link you Own and Control!

ConsortLink is deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or can be deployed as a non-premise server with the following specifications:

Operating System

Linux (CentOS 7)


Dell R350


Dual 1 TB SATA drives and hot
swappable power supplies


WebView Browser

Data Connectivity

100 Mbps / 1 Gbps Ethernet

Voice Connectivity

SIP, T1 (optional)


Up to 2000 SIP sessions

Physical Characteristics

Rack Mount Chassis;
1U / 19 inch
Operating Temperature 10° C to 50° C

Enhanced Audio Features

  • High-Definition Voice Quality (G.722 audio codecs)
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Dedicated Gain Control

Implements native ASSIP protocol

  • Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP)

Ability to create and manage secure call out groups

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