Incident Alert & Emergency Response Communications

PCAS / SCN Crash Notification

Forum has been deploying our Alert, analog-based, Emergency Crash Notification Systems (Primary Crash Alarm Systems / Secondary Crash Networks) into military airfields for over twenty years. The existing copper wire infrastructure, however, is deteriorating and in more and more airfields new infrastructure investments are being made in optical fiber and digital technology. In response to these trends, Forum has developed an IP-based emergency alerting system, ConsortAlert, based on Forum’s DoD certified Consortium Technology Platform and our Alert system’s intelligent peripherals.

Both products are supported and are being deployed into military airfields. Upgrades to the latest Alert system allows for the reuse of existing phones and infrastructure while upgrades to the IP-based ConsortAlert system brings better network monitoring, much improved voice quality and the powerful ConsortAlert GUI, Webview. High-level diagrams of both systems are shown below.

Alert III Configuration with Analog Phones

ConsortAlert Configuration

SIP Phones & DISN Network Integration

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