Instant Link Communications


Secure Private Link (Hotline) Communications

Situations arise where a one touch blast dial to a small team is required for consultation and a quick action plan to resolve a timely issue. For small to medium businesses performing this through Forum’s Cloud service, Secure Private Link as a Service (SPLaaS®) not only ensures immediate consultation but also ensures that the communication stream is secure and private. See Forum’s Cloud Service SPLaaS®.

For medium to large businesses, having an on premise ConsortLink may be a better solution. This hotline type communications provides unique private and instant links without having to go through any carriers or attach to a carrier number. It is a highly secure and private communications link offered as a one to one quick link or one to many instant team reach link. The ConsortLink provides high fidelity voice quality private link communications. The participant phones remain registered with ConsortLink allowing for an instant connection with the pre-defined group members. This communications capability is within the complete control of the organization without any third party involvement like some social voice apps. It’s a Secure Private Network you Own and Control! 

EMS Communication Services

EMT or Paramedics getting immediate consultation with professional clinicians following an EMS emergency can greatly aid in the early stages of patient care. There are a couple of ways to achieve this immediate professional consultation. The first way is for the EMT/Paramedic to call an EMS dispatcher who can use Forum’s ConsortLink platform to bridge in the appropriate doctor/clinician and other required personnel. 

A second way is for the EMT or Paramedic to use Forum’s mobile App coupled with Forum’s ConsortLink platform to immediately blast dial a pre-defined team of clinicians and health care experts from their mobile phone. He or she can create a number of pre-defined conferences with varying participants depending on the emergency incident. This immediate doctor consultation with the first care providers can provide valuable guidance in this early stage of patient care. 

Network Security Breach – Enterprise

Cyberattacks to an enterprise’s IT network requires immediate notification to the appropriate cybersecurity response team (based on the breach level) in order to isolate and mitigate the threat and reduce the network impact. Forum’s Emergency Notification System can be deployed on-premise or with Forum’s SPLaaS® cloud solution. Either deployment provides instant notification to the cybersecurity response team but also provides secure encrypted communications.

Utility Operational Alert

An independent system operator (ISO) coordinates, controls, and monitors the operation of the electrical power system (usually within a single US state). A regional transmission organization (RTO) plays a similar role but for a multi-state electric grid.

The ISO or RTO prime will blast dial out to a large number of market participants across the US whenever there is a critical announcement related to the power grid, that needs to be done in real time.

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