Analog based incident Alert and Emergency Response Communications

Alert III

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the prompt and efficient response of a modern Air Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service depends on the reliability of its communications and alarm systems. As such, the FAA has prepared an Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5210-7D that provides guidance to assist airport operators in preparing for ARFF communications. This FAA states that the ARFF station dispatch room at airports with an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) should be linked by a non-ATC two-way radio and direct-line telephone to the ATCT, the Flight Service Station (FSS), or other ATC point. It also states that the notification of all units required to respond to an emergency at a large airport can be expedited by the use of a “conference” circuit that should include ARFF service, ATCT, Airport police/security, Airport management and other authorities, as appropriate.

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The Alert III Emergency Notification System is Forum Communications latest generation analog based emergency crash notification and conference system designed specifically for Military Airfield and Commercial Airport applications. This system adheres to the FAA AC 150/5210-7D and is completely independent from other systems or networks, is extremely reliable, and easy to configure and maintain. The system is a dedicated, application specific embedded hardware design and provides specific features and functionality required by the Crash Alarm application. Redundant power supplies are standard on all Alert III systems. The system uses dedicated copper or fiber campus wiring to provide connectivity from the main equipment chassis to the various agencies crash phones or endpoints. The Alert III includes significantly enhanced lightning protection to prevent line or system failures.

Once activated by going off-hook, the Alert III instantly rings all stations simultaneously, establishing a secure and immediate teleconference. The Alert III can be activated by the ATC tower or other selected participants and will ring the corresponding predefined conference participants/devices.

The Alert III system can be and often is tailored to meet the specific ATCT, ARFF and Airport Operations requirements at different airfields. The system will integrate with the Public Address, PBX, and Radio systems as required to meet the airport/airfield specific needs. A number of bi-products have been developed for the Alert III Emergency Notification System. One key product is the Intelligent Line Module (ILM). In addition to interfacing the PA, PBX or Radio systems, when deployed with the Alert III, the ILM can be triggered to activate a number of physical actions as well, such as, activating strobes, setting off sirens, opening ARFF station bay doors and turning off gas or power to the ARFF kitchen. To see full details of the ILM and these physical actions that it can activate, see the Intelligent Line Module description on the Intelligent Peripheral Product page.

The Alert III system can also be deployed with Forum’s specialized phones. These phones employ push-to-talk (PTT) functionality which is a noise reduction feature that provides clearer audio on the conference call. Forum’s new intelligent PTT crash phone is also designed to improve voice clarity over the regular crash phone when deployed with the Alert III for connecting to the ARFF radio network.

System Chassis

Height: 2U

Width x Depth: 19” x 12”

Weight: 6 lbs

Power: 115/220 VAC: 130 watts max


2 wire FXS/FXO - Loop/ground start

RS-232 interface for control & monitoring (GUI)

Amphenol 50 pin connector

Ring Response

1.0 second or less


Touch screen monitor with GUI


8 to 96 ports

Instant Emergency conferencing for first responders
Touch-screen Graphical User Interface
Visual indication of operational status of all stations
Customizable ring tones and variable ring cadence functionality
No conference disruption from unanswered (ringing) stations
Broadcast conference audio over PA systems
Multiline call recording options
Call & event logging options
Customized engineering and design options
Meets FAA Advisory Circular requirements for ARFF Communications and
DoD Air Force Instruction for Airfield Operations Procedures and Programs

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