Secure Communications

Secure Conferencing

Forum’s Consortium III Unified Communications Conference System (UCCS) provides
real-time audio conferencing for the DoD. This IP-based system can support 2000
concurrent calls over multiple conference types including Meet Me, Preset, and Blast
Dial Conferences. The Consortium III is JITC certified and is on the DoD approved
product list (APL). The conference system connects to the DoD via the WAN SS / LSC on the Assured Services LAN using AS-SIP with Encrypted Signaling (TLS) and media (SRTP). The conference system has a number of enhanced features, which include advanced scheduling, configurable security levels, internal recording, and
programmable Pre-Set and Blast Dial conferences. The Consortium III can also play an integral role in the DoD Emergency Response capabilities. The Blast Notification Option allows you to create, manage, and distribute emergency messages via phone, email or text. The Consortium III architecture allows the system to be deployed locally or in a cloud-based environment.

The system user interface is provided by WebView, a secure, RESTful web services  user interface which provides remote System Administration and User access to  features. It allows the user to create, schedule, modify, and monitor conferences and  participants using a standard web browser and a site PC over the DoDIN. 

The system is certified for deployment in three different configurations:  

Registered and directly connected to a session controller (SC) as an integrated ASSIP Component.
As a Standalone ASSIP appliance, by an SBC (Session Border Controller), and registered to any of the LSCs listed on the DoDIN APL.
Connected to any circuit switch or gateway currently, or previously, listed on the APL with an ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI).

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