Privacy Policy

FORUM COMMUNICATIONS maintains information about companies and individuals visiting its website to provide a better experience for the visitor, and will never sell or trade any of the information accumulated about a website visitor. Through the use of cookies FORUM COMMUNICATIONS gains information about the companies visiting its website. If FORUM COMMUNICATIONS has the visitor's business card information available, the web-visit information will be linked to the information on the business card. The information gathered is used to make the visitor's web experience more enjoyable by learning about their preferences and browsing behavior. Along with the information gathered to personalize a company's experience, aggregate summary information is used to learn about the market as a whole.


FORUM COMMUNICATIONS employs cookies in order for its server to recognize a return visitor as a unique user. Cookies are small text files placed in the 'Cookies' folder on a visitor's hard disk and allow for FORUM COMMUNICATIONS to remember the visitor. The cookies placed by the FORUM COMMUNICATIONS server are readable only by FORUM COMMUNICATIONS, and cookies cannot access, read or modify any other data on a computer. All web-browsers offer the option to refuse any cookie, and if a visitor refuses the FORUM COMMUNICATIONS cookie then FORUM COMMUNICATIONS does not gather any information on that visitor.

Information Gathered

FORUM COMMUNICATIONS will gather information such as what kind of browser a visitor uses, what operating system they use, their IP address, and clickstream information (for example, which pages the visitor has viewed and how long they have been there). Note that information is only gathered while the visitor is on the website in question -- in this case FORUM COMMUNICATIONS monitors how a visitor arrives at the website, but cannot and will not gather information about other sites the visitor has been on.

At times, FORUM COMMUNICATIONS may ask for more specific contact information to be entered as a means of registration before accessing a certain part of the site. FORUM COMMUNICATIONS uses this information to understand the companies and individuals visiting its website and, with permission, to provide visitors with updates. Visitors may always opt not to enter any information about themselves if they so choose.

Usages of Information

Information is gathered about companies and individuals visiting the FORUM COMMUNICATIONS website for the sole purpose of serving them better. Information gathered in this manner by FORUM COMMUNICATIONS is never for sale, trade or rent to anyone. FORUM COMMUNICATIONS will share contact information with authorized FORUM COMMUNICATIONS Partners as needed to better serve our customers and prospects. FORUM COMMUNICATIONS works hand-in-hand with our Partner community in selling, implementing and supporting FORUM COMMUNICATIONS products and services. Of course, if required to do so by law, FORUM COMMUNICATIONS will provide specific information to the proper authorities.