Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, is a popular civil-military Regional Airport in Springfield Illinois for passenger travel. It is the seventh busiest airport of the 12 commercial airports in Illinois with steady growth in passenger traffic. Safety is given the highest priority by the Airport Authority. It has a dedicated Public Safety staff that provides both Police and ARFF services.

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Challenges and Needs:

  • Previous crash system used leased analog phone lines; tower ring-down line went to operator's central office to reach other airport agencies
  • Leased line pricing dramatically increased, and technical issues were causing regular system outages
  • No copper wiring or optical fiber available from FAA Tower to rest of airport
  • Tower crash calls needed to be supplemented by mass notification emails and terminal announcements
  • TSA alert calls also needed to be supported
  • Public Safety personnel are often not in the ARFF Station and need to be reached by radio and / or mobile phone

Forum Communications Solution:

  • Fully Integrated IP-based system to provide crash calling function as well as mass notification, terminal announcements, and connectivity to airport's cloud based phone system for dialing mobile phones
  • Tower connection implemented using point-to-point microwave link Radio communications optimized by deploying intelligent telephones at FAA Tower and TSA, where the telephones' push-to-talk button directly keys the radio, enabling instant two-way radio communications
  • Multiple audio conference codes predefined to trigger various mass notification events, including text messages, emails, and prerecorded terminal announcements

Key Benefits:

  • One system provides all required emergency notification functions Costs are greatly reduced by elimination of old analog ring-down telephone lines
  • Directly linking crash system to radio system improves speed and quality of emergency response
  • Use of microwave link from FAA Tower avoids more significant infrastructure investment

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